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"Christian by choice, handyman by trade"

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I am proud to have received this award!

Thank you Houston, Cypress, Copperfield, Katy, Memorial, Champions, Spring Branch and to ALL of my present and future loyal and wonderful customers!

Christian Handyman Service was formed to provide a Christian based service for all who are looking for a handyman service they can trust, maintains values and remembers that people want to be treated equal and fair. There are a lot of companies and individuals that use the word "Christian" to promote their business but don't practice the core values that accompany it. People today want a service they can trust; in their homes, on their property and around their families. Communications are a vital part of the handyman service industry and I keep these lines open with my customers from the start, to the completion of our agreed work. I maintain high standards in my work and customer satisfaction is number #1 and utilize "Old School" and "Throwback" standards, working with my hands on most jobs. I don't cut corners but will make every effort to work within my customers budget. All my work comes with a personal guaranty and warranty for the work provided.

Today we wish you a day of ordinary miracles:
A fresh pot of coffee you didn't make yourself.
An unexpected phone call from an old friend.
Green stoplights on your way to work.
The fastest line at the grocery store.
A good sing-along song on the radio.
Your keys found right where you left them.

"Have a Blessed day".

Short on time, skip to the bottom of this page and fill out the christian handyman service contact form. When I receive this form I will reply either by email or phone, whichever form of contact you request



"Christian Handyman Service Home Check Up"

A NEW service being offered by Christian Handyman Service that will give you, peace of mind and/or make you aware of a potential problem or issue within your home, interior and exterior. I will visually and physically (*When applicable*) check 30+ items for proper operation, asthetics, function and possible needed repairs. I am NOT selling any work but instead offering a service to inform you of any potential issues that I detect or observe during the Christian Handyman Home Check Up. I will make recommendations, suggestions and upon request, I will perform the needed repairs and/or maintenance for you at a discounted price. These repairs will be discounted and may require a reschedule to come back to your home at a prescheduled time to complete repairs or maintenance you request.

Some of the items I will be checking:

  • 1). Check operation of interior, exterior lighting and switches.
  • 2). Check smoke detectors, visual only.
  • 2). Check under sinks in bath rooms, kitchen and utility rooms for possible issues.
  • 4). Check all aerators on faucets.
  • 5). Check for interior wall cracks and door operation.
  • 6). Test ceiling fans for proper operation and performance.
  • 7). Check garbage disposal operation.
  • 8). Check locks, door stops and handles on ALL doors for proper function.
  • 9). Check garage door and door opener for proper function.
    **Please click here to see all items on check up list:

    If you have any questions about this service, do not hesitate to contact me and we can talk.
    281-550-2999 or 832-693-6290
    "Christian by choice, handyman by trade".

    *Vacant, rental, occupied and investors homes are welcome. Price of this service may vary depending on the size and/or the square footage of your home. A 10% discount may apply for senior citizens, military, teachers and law enforcement. This service is only being offered to homeowners, landlords, property managers and/or investors with homes located within the listed zip codes on this page, at this time.*

    When to Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

    Smoke detector batteries should be replaced at least once a year. People often change them when the clocks change in the spring or fall, but any time is fine. You should also change your batteries anytime your detector emits a low-power warning. This usually sounds like a chirp that occurs once a minute. If your smoke detector is more than 10 years old, you will need to replace the entire detector and not just the batteries.

    Recommendation: Have your home weatherproofed now! Christian handyman service can seal all windows, doors, "critter holes", etc. This will keep your warm air in, cold air out and help keep your energy cost down. I offer this "whole house" service to my customers, call or send the contact form below to set up your appointment.

    Just a few things to consider:
  • Free estimates within my service area, listed by zip code below.
  • You will NOT pay contractor prices
  • Detailed service
  • No cost over runs or hidden fees
  • 1 year guaranty in workmanship
  • Respect for your home and family
  • A written quote
  • Prompt service
  • Clear communications in English
  • I employ NO subcontrators or laborers
  • Peace of mind before, during and after the job

    See repairs, maintenance and work completed by my service. CLICK HERE!

    Feedback from satisfied customers: have posted.

    A list of Christian handyman Service repairs and installations we can perform:CLICK HERE!

    My Yahoo Handyman Service rating as of June 1, 2013:

    See the Christian Handyman Service Yahoo Local service rating here.

    Is wood rot invading your home? Wood rot slowly kills your home and minor repairs turn into costly ones. Take about ten minutes of your time and walk around your home, look for the signs of wood rot. Pay special attention to area's around the windows sills, siding and door frames, look for fading or greenish colored wood, splits, cracks, large openings. Don't let this happen to your your home, the largest investment you'll ever make! Stealthy and sometimes undetectable, rot is one of the most damaging predators to which a home can fall victim. Solid lumber can turn to pulp with the simple recipe of adding moisture and warmth. Rot occurs in even the sturdiest of homes - wherever wood is found, there is potential for fungal growth and the resulting rot. But rot need not be a deal breaker rot is common and often a minor issue that can be easily (and inexpensively) corrected. Most wood, unless specially treated or of certain rot-resistant varieties, is vulnerable to moisture. Most houses use lumber in their construction, so the threat of water damage is impossible to avoid. Any wood that is exposed to air will naturally contain a small percentage of water. It's when normal moisture levels in wood increase that deterioration and rot become a risk.

    Old wood rotted window
    Window rebuilt, sealed, painted.
    Christian Handyman Service
    Houston, TX 77084

    Phone: 281-550-2999
    Cell: 832-693-6290
    Get your home checked for unseen wood rot, a repair now can save you a costly repair or replacement in the future.

    Background check by the Department of Public Safety.

    ***Satisfaction Guaranteed and all work comes with a warranty***.

  • Christian Handyman Service is proud to offer discounts to anyone either actively serving or who has served in the U.S. military and their families.

    Christian Handyman Service area. Now serving the Spring area, West of I-45 only. I service the following zip codes:

  • 77024, 77040
  • 77041, 77042
  • 77043, 77055
  • 77056, 77057
  • 77063, 77064
  • 77065, 77066
  • 77068, 77069
  • 77070, 77077
  • 77079, 77080
  • 77082, 77083
  • 77084, 77094
  • 77095..........
  • 77375, 77379
  • 77429, 77433
  • 77449, 77450 and a few other zip codes in West and Northwest Houston not listed here. *A refundable trip charge ($29.95) will apply if service is requested outside of my zip code coverage area.*

    Just a few of the area subdivisions and communities we service: Katy, Barker, Kelliwood, Cypress, Champions, Copperfield, Deerfield, Memorial, Spring, Bear Creek, Spring Branch and all Northwest/West communities.

    We also perform repairs/preparations for college dorm living on or off campus housing, rental repairs.
    Christian Handyman Service can take care of all those housing worries for you and your student. When it comes to the "TO DO" list around their temporary or permanent homes.
  • Change out of locks
  • Secure doors
  • deadbolt replacement
  • window locks
  • Peep Holes
  • Kick door blocks
  • Desk and furniture assembly
  • Other furniture
  • Fans installed
  • Computer hookup
  • Painting
  • and much, much more.
  • Very security conscious and mindful of deturrents your college student could utilize in their new surroundings away from home for the first time or if they've even been away for awhile.
    Call, email or text now for scheduling arrangements.

    Christian Handyman Service
    Serving Houston "Since 1992"
    Call Bill, let's talk!
    Houston, Texas 77084
    (281)550-2999 - (832)693-6290 *I accept text messages from those who prefer this type of cummunications. Feel free to send a text; 832-693-6290*

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